Although the DUI law may be mildly different as you travel from state to state, there is something that remains common to all the DUI laws across state lines. All the DUI laws state that if you are legally intoxicated by whatever the state regulatory standards are, there are going to be penalties that are going to resort from your actions, whether it is on a minor or a more severe scale. The DUI laws of that individual state may give way to their own punishments, but you will have to deal with this legal matter by receiving some kind of repercussion. This is one of the reasons why so many are so concerned with the DUI laws and how they are defined in their particular state. If you are a driver, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with DUI law. Even if you are not a driver, you want to be aware of the DUI laws in your state. So often, it is often found that the driver is not the only one that is affected by the raft of the DUI laws. Your mere presence in a vehicle that has come face to face with a violation of DUI law, could serve as a major headache in one way or another for you, as well.

1. If you violate the DUI law, there are many penalties that could potentially be associated with your violation of the DUI laws. Some of the stricter penalties that one who has violated the DUI law will receive is jail time. Upon your initial arrest for the violation of the DUI law, there may be additional jail time that may be tacked on to that initial custody holding. For those that have committed the violation of the DUI law, they may also be given probation for a varied length of time.

2. Another penalty that may be associated with the violation of DUI law may be that you have to pay a large sum of fines. Those fans are more substantial than the average $100 to $200 traffic ticket. As a result of the violation of the DUI laws, you may find that you have to pay anywhere from $500 to well over $1,000 at the very least. This aspect is something that is rather specific to the state in which you reside and the nature of your violation as viewed by the court.

3. If you violate the DUI law, another penalty that you may be subjected to as a result is license suspension. It is not at all unlikely that due to your violation of the DUI laws, your driving privileges may be revoked for quite some time. Violation of the DUI law many times results in this prospect for any varied length of time.

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