People may need to change their names after marriage. This is found more in the case of ladies. Once they get married they tend to suffix their husbands ‘names with their names. It has been an old tradition which is being followed even in this 21st century. In certain cases, the husband takes the wives’ cognomen with his name. It is a rarity though. Anyways, it is necessary to make the changes official.

So, one has to keep the following thing ready to have it done.

• Telephone no:
• Note card.
• Marriage certificate.
• A thank you card.
how to change your name after your marriage:
• You have to order for more copies of marriage certificate that is required while considering the application for name change.
• If you wish to change your name appeared in the marriage certificate, you have to check whether there is enough space to have it done in the certificate. Otherwise, you need to apply in a court paper requesting for a name change. You may have to contact a local attorney to get it done which is not necessary in the case of a woman.
• You can request for a new social security card reflecting the changed name on it.
• Once you have change your name officially, then you need to take an appointment with the motor vehicle department officials to make necessary changes in the driving license. You have to keep all necessary documents before you go to the motor vehicle department.
• It is mandatory that you should submit the passport amendment application to the concerned authorities to make necessary changes in the passport in time.
• Make necessary changes in the credit cards, business card, and all other relevant documents as soon as the name changing procedure is complete.
• The employers or the authorities of the institution where one works or studies, are to be informed the name change in time.
• All other organizations such as postal dept, insurance, mortgage companies etc are to be timely informed the change of name.
• You can send out a thank you card imprinted with the new name to all near and dear as a means of intimation.
In short, it is mandatory that all concerned people and the departments have to be informed the change in name after marriages. It occurs mostly in the case of ladies who take their husbands’ name after marriage. If it is not officially informed, it may cause some sort of unnecessary trouble in future which is to be avoided. Name change is very personal an issue and there is no point in putting any pressure on anyone in this regard. On amicable agreements, new weds can either change their names or they can keep their old names as it is. Whatever be the case, if there is an official name change, it has to be done legally and informed the concerned in time.

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