It is important that everyone knows at least the mere basics of the legal system. The law is arguably the very foundation to which any body of land is built upon. Therefore, for all those that inhabit the earth, they are also inhabiting the law. Laws were first devised in order to bring new world order to the earth. Laws are the core basis as to how the world that we know and love is run. Although people generally see laws as a set of restrictions that are enforced, there is also an upside to the laws that we are told that we must follow. The fact is this, laws also serve us in giving us the freedoms that we are able to possess to date. Law has become so organized over the growing years that there is a massive organizational structure that has been devised in order to ensure that the laws that have been initiated are going to be properly acted upon. With doing so, the institution of law has strengthened throughout the years. There have been systems that have been put in place that have been built with such a solid foundation that they will never crack. Each law that has been tabulated has been added to the foundation in order to construct one of the most important institutions that there is.

1. Laws were made to be followed. If you do not follow these sanctions that have been created, then you will have to answer to the law. Whether you know it or not, the very first laws that were created were with the intention to serve in your best interest. They just had to be composed in order to keep world order. A world without the law would be total chaos. Although many may argue that now we just live in a world of organized chaos, this has been proven to be a system that is most effective. The institution of law is necessary to the intended betterment of the earth. One law at a time, we are proving this model to be true.

2. Laws were made to shape the world that we know today. Laws foster the atmosphere for great progression. People use the assistance of the law to make themselves better, and ultimately contribute to making the world a better place. With the freedoms that one is given by way of the law, they are able to add to the world’s growth and development. They are able to make discoveries that they may not have otherwise been privy to making. And they are able to give back in a way that inspires others to use these laws to make their own explorations and contributions.


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